Shop Smith Mark 5/7

Ring Masters to fit Shop Smith Mark 5/7.

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Get real use out of your lathe with a Ringmaster. The Ring Master is the most innovative idea in power woodworking to come along. Beginners to experts can cut with precision flat pieces of wood into circular shapes and angles that stack on top of each other to form a perfect hollow round shape. Make beautiful bowls, vases, picture frames, bracelets, or anything that is hollow and cylindrical in shape. With the Ring Master you will have hours of fun and will create beautiful works of art! The Ring Master is truly a first of its kind power tool, able to perform a woodworking task never before possible in any woodworking shop. This lathe attachment model Ringmaster comes new from the factory with a complete Manual/Instructions and a Project Notebook. Made in North Carolina.

One response to “Shop Smith Mark 5/7”

  1. John H. Rice says:

    Would you send some information to me.

    I have a Shopsmith 520.

    I’m quite interested. I laminated wood, glue laminations together – make bowls 5-7” deep by 6-8” widest diameter. As you know I spent an inordinate amount of time, with th vast majority of the wood as s sawdust.
    My address is –
    John H. Rice
    697 County Road 355
    Parachute, Co
    Thank you very much.

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