Spindle Adapter MT-2 to 1/2-13

This adapter features a 1/2 inch end mill holder and a Ring Master spindle.


This is our older design spindle adapter that works with any lathe with a #2 Morse Taper.  This is the best for precision at an affordable price. This Spindle adapter consists of a 1/2″ End Mill holder with a stubby Ring Master spindle installed.  There is a 3/8-16 thread in the back of the taper for a tie rod.  Simply cut a piece of all thread to fit your lathe and use a large washer  and nut on the back of your lathe to keep the spindle from popping out of the taper.

This has been replaced with our screw on adapters.  However we still offer this adapter if you prefer the taper attachment.

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