EEE-Ultra Shine 250ml jar

EEE-Ultra Shine 250ml jar


Product Description

EEE-Ultra Shine Paste Wax: 250ml Use Ultra Shine as the last sanding step before applying your final finish (eg. Shellawax, Hut wax, etc.). You ll be amazed at the brilliant shine and superb blemish-free surface on your turning. Ultra Shine contains ultra fine abrasives (Tripoli powder) that will enhance a 240 grit sanding step to 1200 grit or more and enhances a 400 grit finish to 2000 grit! The higher grit abrasive you use before using Ultra Shine, the better your finish will be with no sanding marks. Eliminates sanding marks. Works wonders on both woods and plastics. 250ml (8.6 fl oz)

  Please note that this item can only be shipped to addresses within the continental United States by UPS Ground only.

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